So – this is our first blog post,

And really, we just wanted to say hello, welcome you to our site and ask you to take 5 minutes out of your busy day to take a look at what we’re doing and why.

There are many property management agents and letting agents in flintshire, but, most if not all are exactly the same in terms of service, price and quality.

We’ve worked with letting agents in flintshire in the past (as part of our property maintenance and repair business) and we noticed just how samey they all were. Same kind of offices, same kind of patter, same same same same….

This effectively means you have no real choices – just more of the same

Until Now….

We have set out to provide a cost effective, professional and comprehensive service to landlords with flintshire rental properties – a service that provides all the things you wished your agent would handle, but,for some reason does not.

Or if they do, its an “optional extra”


In the past, we used to work closely with our local agents providing maintenance support services direct to landlords rental properties. We started to notice though, that more and more of our time was being spent liasing with tenants and landlords, writing reports, carrying out site visits and running around making sure the agent got their problems solved in a timely & professional manner.

But then the penny dropped – all the things we were so busy doing, were the exact things that the agent was paid to do by the landlord…. Most agents would then apply a surcharge on our invoice (unbeknown by the landlord) and also had the nerve to demand a commission from us !

At the same time, we are also landlords and as such, were also having our property managed by an agent (we couldn’t easily do it ourselves as our properties were not local) As customers, we tried a number of letting agents – all very smart, all very well drilled in the patter, but when it came to actually doing something about tenancy problems or maintenance issues, they never solved a single problem. When faced with difficult tenants (that they themselves had charged us for finding) they couldn’t have cared less and basically left us to it. No advice, no support – nothing.

Time For Change

Enough was enough – after coming off the back of a very difficult court case, privately pursuing a problem tenant provided by our last agent, we realised that other landlords must be in the same position – Paying through the nose for second rate service simply because they had no decent alternatives to choose from. We won our case by the way – absolutely thrashed the trousers off the tenant and their pompous little lawyer.

We set up in business and quietly began talking directly with other landlords. They knew that we understood their problems and that we understood their dis-satisfaction and frustration.

And now we want to talk to you

If you are struggling with a problem tenant, feeling let down by your current property management agent, or, you are currently self managing your properties and want some professional support, advice or guidance, please get in touch. We won’t hit you with the hard sell – we just want to be able to give landlords the support and information they need to make sure they are in the best possible shape.

Tenants get free support from all quarters – free advice, free support, free legal help, help with arrears, help with evictions etc etc etc

So Who Is Helping You?