We Provide A Range Of Property Inspection Services For Private Landlords

One of the keys to trouble free tenancies is pro-active inspection and monitoring of your property during the life-cycle of each tenancy. This should be done and documented regularly and if its done right, tenants will be happy that pro-active maintenance inspections are carried out as it shows that you as a landlord, care about making sure the property is well maintained.

Pre-Tenancy Condition Report

The Rental Property Inventory And Condition Report, consists of an itemised schedule of not only the contents of the property (if any) but also, detailed descriptions of the decor, the woodwork, the doors and door furniture along with a rated description of their condition at the outset of the tenancy. The report contains photographic evidence or proof of each items’ existence and its condition and is complimented by High Definition Video footage of every area of the rental property.

Mid-Term Condition Inspection

During the course of the tenancy, its also important to visit periodically to ensure nothing has broken down or has become damaged or dangerous. The findings are recorded and build up a picture of the life of the tenancy. Its also at this point that repairs need to be identified and addressed.

Terminal Inspection

One month before the tenant moves out, you should conduct a full inspection, comparing the condition of the property as it is now, with the original check-in/condition report. This will enable you to highlight and point out to the tenant, any issues with the condition of the property – issues that left unresolved, you intend to make deductions for.

This should be documented and issued to the tenant a month before check-out so that the tenant has ample time to address the issues highlighted during the inspection.

In following this protocol, you may also be minimising the time taken to turn your property around for the next tenancy !

Tenancy Check-out

During the check out procedure, we will ensure that the utility meters are read and recorded in the presence of the exiting tenants so that final bills etc will not be disputed.

On the day of check out, we then conduct a detailed walk through with the outgoing tenants, using the Check-In video footage as a guide. We will compare the original footage with the condition of the property on Check-Out day, and considering any issues that may have been raised during the terminal inspection, we will discuss the condition of the property with the tenant, identifying any remaining unsatisfactory areas.

The importance of a properly completed inventory cannot be underestimated.
It must be robust and defensible if it is to be held up as a proper indicator of the
facts and therefore viewed as acceptable by an adjudicator or Court… “

DPS Guides “A Guide to Tenancy Deposits,Disputes and Damages”