Let Us Look After Your Rental Property For A Fixed Fee Of Only £65 Per Month

What’s Included?

If you sign up to our monthly management package you will not only have the peace of mind in knowing that your property is well looked after and that you have an approachable, affordable business partner, but we also make sure that you receive the services that you expect to get from an agent but often do not. All the service features listed below are INCLUDED in the monthly management package FOR ONLY £65.00/month

Direct Rent Payment – Included

We do not believe in “collecting” your rent into our account then paying it back to you – instead, your tenant is instructed to pay rent directly into your bank account not ours. This ensures that you get your rent on the day its paid. If for any reason rent is paid late – simply let us know and we will ensure its followed up and managed promptly – simple.

Deposit Bonding – Included

If you’ve used us to find a tenant, then the deposit will automatically be lodged with the Governments own Deposit Protection Service (DPS). If you’ve come to us with a sitting tenant, we will happily work with you to either move the deposit into our DPS account, or, leave it wherever it is – the choice is yours. In the event that you use our deposit bonding service, we will also provide both you and the tenant a bonding certificate from The DPS itself to verify and confirm its safe keeping.

Full Condition Report & Inventory – Included

Fully managed clients will benefit from the provision of a video condition and inventory report that will be compiled as part of the account setup process. This enables you, us and your tenant to have a clear and agreed picture of the condition of the property and its fixtures & fittings (either at the outset of the tenancy or the commencement of our contract) The importance of a condition report cannot be overstated as it is the only thing you have by way of evidence in the event of a deposit dispute at the end of the tenancy. This is especially important now as changes in the Section 21 Repossession rules may make life difficult for landlords who have not had this done.

Periodic Inspections – Included

Fully managed clients also have the peace of mind in knowing that their valuable property assets are being visited and reported on regularly. We will arrange quarterly visits to the property and report back on any defects found or reported.

Maintenance Cover – Included

As part of the fully managed package, we also provide emergency maintenance cover!

No Other Agent Offers This…

If, during an inspection, we discover minor faults or failures, these will be reported to you of course, but, we will go ahead and rectify the faults*. As most snags and defects that crop up are fairly minor in nature, this means that most times, we will simply just get on and get it done and you pay only for any labour, replacement parts or materials.

When it comes to pre-planned improvements work, we are also uniquely placed in the market as we have many years experience in the property repair & improvement sector. If you want to use your team, that’s fine – But – If you’d rather us provide comparative quotes so that you have a choice – that’s fine too.

[* The only exception to this, is if we have call out a specialist for say emergency gas or electrical work]

Out Of Hours Support – Included

Tenants have the peace of mind of knowing that should an issue arise, they can phone us directly out of hours, and someone will be available to assist immediately. In the event of a breakdown, we will call out and take care of things and remember – No call out charges*

This in turn, gives you peace of mind, as you know that you’re not going to be getting phone calls at 10pm on a saturday because a tenant is locked out or the loo won’t flush! You’ll know that no matter what – we ‘ll be handling it as quickly and painlessly as possible.

We realise also, that peoples working patterns have changed in recent years – and so we are always happy to take calls and provide support at any reasonable hour.

Check In Management – Included

Fully managed clients will benefit from a FULL check-in service at the commencement of a tenancy. This involves us accompanying the new tenant around the property and verifying the contents & condition of the property using the condition & inventory video. This is then uploaded for all parties to view and for any disagreements to be voiced at the time..

At the same time, we will take meter readings and notify the utility suppliers and local authorities of the new tenancy.

Finally, the first months rent and deposit are collected by us – the rent is passed straight to you (minus our tenant find fee if we have found the tenant on your behalf) and the deposit is immeditely lodged with the DPS.

Check Out Management – Included

When a tenancy comes to an end, its vitally important that the condition of the property is compared with the original condition report / check-in report.

Fully managed clients can rest assured that the check out process is carried out in detail. The property is inspected 28 days before termination with any defects notified at the time. The final check out is then carried out with the tenant present and any outstanding problems or damage are documented and agreed BEFORE the tenant leaves. This makes matters a lot simpler when it comes to returning or retaining deposit monies.

Deposit Dispute Resolution – Included

In the event that their is any kind of dispute regarding deposit repayments or deposit deductions, we will represent your position to the DPS, submit any relevant evidence or statements and liase directly with them in order to settle the dispute as quickly and as equitably as possible.

All the above services are also available as individual pick & mix options – see our fees page for details