Flintshire Landlords Suffer Further Changes to Notice Periods for Evictions post 2020 lockdown

Yet again, the section 21 reposession notice period has been extended by the Welsh government.

Ordinarily set at 2 months, the Welsh government, and later the English government extended the notice period to 6 months – supposedly on a temporary basis to protect tenants.

Frustratingly the notice period had already been extended once before by an additional 2 months until September.

Unbelievably, both English and Welsh governments have done it again

The Welsh Government has today announced its intention to retain increased notice periods for evictions to 31st March 2021. Notice periods had been due to return to their pre-Covid position after 30th September.

An increased notice period of 6 months will continue to apply to all tenancies. However, where the reason for giving notice relates to anti-social behaviour or domestic violence, pre-Covid notice periods are expected to apply.

The Welsh Government intends to review these arrangements in December.
Detailed information on what the changes mean for you and your tenants will be available next week.

I strongly suspect these new, longer notice periods will become permanent….

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