One of the most common problems in the Buy To Let tenancy life-cycle, is the resolution of disputes.

When the tenancy ends and the rental property is found to be damaged, both Landlords and Tenants alike just want a simple, smooth, hassle free process when a rental property is handed back.

All too often however, disputes arise over the condition of the property or its contents at the end of the tenancy. The absolute best way to avoid Tenancy Disputes, relating to the condition of a property, is via the production of a Rental Property Inventory And Condition Report.

The Rental Property Inventory And Condition Report, consists of an itemised schedule of not only the contents of the property (if any) but also, detailed descriptions of the decor, the woodwork, the doors and door furniture along with a rated description of their condition at the outset of the tenancy. The report contains photographic evidence or proof of each items’ existence and its condition and is complimented by High Definition Video footage of every area of the rental property.

The importance of a properly completed inventory cannot be underestimated.
It must be robust and defensible if it is to be held up as a proper indicator of the
facts and therefore viewed as acceptable by an adjudicator or Court… “

[source: DPS Guides “A Guide to Tenancy Deposits,Disputes and Damages”