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Here you can read a little about our background, our ethos and why we set up in business…

About Mason-Jones Lettings

About Us

We provide property management services, rental property letting services, tenancy reparation services, tenancy deposit bonding and deposit compliance services, deposit dispute advice and support services, rental property inventory services, rental property condition reports, rental property inspection visits and comprehensive landlord support services.

Mason-Jones core values

Our Values

At Mason-Jones Property Management, we aim to give our customers a comprehensive & value for money experience by providing professional property management services to landlords & tenants, that create ongoing working relationships. Above all, we believe in pragmatism, transparency, fairness and integrity in all our dealings.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To be the area’s best Property Management Agency by; Above All – We Believe In Treating All Our Clients In The Same Way We Would Like To Be Treated – …

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Flintshire landlord blog posts – Flintshire lettings articles by the Mason-Jones blogger. Here you’ll find flintshire landlord support from Mson-Jones Lettings


So – this is our first blog post, And really, we just wanted to say hello, welcome you to our site and ask you to take 5 minutes out of your busy day to take a look at what we’re doing and why. There are many property management agents and letting agents in flintshire, but, most if not all are exactly the same in terms of service, price and quality. We’ve worked with letting agents in flintshire in the past (as part of our property maintenance and repair business) and we noticed just how samey they all were. Same kind …

How Landlords Can Protect Their Rent

Coronavirus has left you without rental income or tenant rent arrears getting out of hand? Helpnis at hand for Flintshire Landlords with rent arrears from a loan scheme introduced by Welsh government

Stressed landlady needs help with repossession

Landlords: What to do if your section 21 eviction notice expired during lockdown

This article is designed as guidance for landlords who served a valid section 21 repossession notice before lockdown, but whose tenant never left after the date specified on the notice. What a mess…… You served the correct notice in the proper form only to find yourself hobbled by lock-down measures. Your tenant couldn’t leave, the repossession date came and went, the tenant is still there and now, if you re-serve the section 21 notice, you have to give a stomach-churning 6 month notice period. What about section 8? Even if you serve a section 8, not only do the usual …